About Me

Jack Danahy

Security Advisor & Evangelist

In the online world, we are sharing more and more, and we have a responsibility to protect each other.

After building two security companies and selling them, I look around, and not much has changed. For sure, not much is better.

Security and privacy have to become responsibilities we all take seriously for our organizations, our relationships, and ourselves.

It is our new social contract.

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Jack Danahy’s Summary

Jack is the original founder and CEO of two successful security software companies; Qiave Technologies, acquired by Watchguard Technologies in 2000, and Ounce Labs, acquired by IBM in July of 2009. He is a national speaker and writer on computer network and data security, and holds six patents in a variety of security technologies.

Jack is active in the technology start-up community, particularly in the northeast US, as a featured speaker, mentor, and investor. He serves as an advisor to the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center ( NH-ICC ) and a variety of public and private institutions.

Jack is committed to increasing cybersecurity awareness and organizational responsibility for privacy and protection. He works with industry and national security groups in the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity, cyberthreats, critical infrastructure protection, has contributed to legislation on cybersecurity in both the US House and Senate, and is a distinguished fellow at the Ponemon Institute.